— Audiovisual translation:

  • Translation for dubbing and voice-over scripts.
  • Interlingual subtitling: translation, time-cueing (spotting), editing and quality check for subtitles in Spanish.

— Accessibility (subtitling):

  • Subtitling (captioning) for the Deaf and Hard of hearing (following the Spanish Standard UNE 153010:2012).
  • Respeaking for live subtitling.

— Sworn translations: sworn translator (TIJ) no. 6612, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

— General translations (articles, texts for advertisements, press releases, presentations, leaflets and brochures...).

— Audio and video transcription.

I normally only work with Spanish as target language in order to guarantee a quality service, but don't hesitate to ask for a quote if you need translations into English.


Formats my subtitle editor can provide:


  • .STL (EBU Subtitle Exchange Format)


  • .PAC, .RAC, .FPC (UniPac/Fatpac) including PU2000 variant


  • Plain text with or without timecodes (.TXT)
  • Unicode text with or without timecodes (.TXT)

Closed Caption

  • .CAP (Cheetah) - NTSC only
  • .CIN
  • .MCA
  • .ULT and .ULD (Ultech)
  • DVD Caption (.SCC (Daiken/Spruce) .CC (Sonic Solutions))

Timed Text

  • DFXP (MXF)


  • Protoscript plain (text with speaker names)
  • Protoscript timed (text and timecodes with speaker names)


  • Formatted file
  • Unformatted file
  • Selected video

Digital Cinema

  • DLP
  • DTS


  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premier EDL


  • Cavena/ScanTitling .890
  • Rich text (.RTF)
  • DVD Builder
  • Ultech DV3000
  • SRT
  • DVD Studio Pro (STL)