Alberto is a conscientious subtitler that displays exceptional attention to detail. He is very responsible, fully committed to the quality of the service that his work provides. He keeps an attitude of constant learning and shares helpful tools with his colleagues to carry out common tasks and increase productivity. He is an important asset for the team with good individual motivation.

— Patricia Martínez, Live Production Manager at Red Bee Media Spain (now part of Ericsson).


Alberto took the Audiovisual Translation course I teach at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid. He showed a flair for audiovisual translation and stood out for his motivation. He proved good academic performance and active contribution in class and carried out his work with a positive attitude. His enthusiasm and dedication are praiseworthy.

— Eva Garcés, lecturer in Audiovisual Translation.


Alberto was my student during the 2006-2007 course of Specialised Translation French-Spanish and I have personally verified his skills in translation, specifically in legal topics.

— Alicia Martorell, legal and literary translator, founding member of the association of translators Asetrad.


"Allow us to make a recommendation: If you need to subtitle videos quickly and efficiently, even with SDH/closed captions, hire @Albertofh_TAV"