January 2013 – Present: Albertofh Traductor.

Freelance work for different clients:

  • Interlingual subtitling (English to Spanish): translation and spotting of different shows, documentaries, cinema trailers, web video and VoD.

  • Subtitling/captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (in Spanish) of magazines, current events, reality shows, documentaries and films and web video.

  • Quality assurance of subtitles.

  • Translation (English to Spanish) of scripts for dubbing and voice-over.

Member of ATRAE (Association of Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation of Spain).

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October 2018: Development and teaching of a respeaking workshop ("Te lo digo, te lo digo, te lo vuelvo a repetir") as part of the fifth International Conference on Audiovisual Translation (CITA5).
Event organised by ATRAE (Association of Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation of Spain).

March 2015: Development and lecture of "De coloquialidad y registro oral: dubbese, marcadores del discurso y problemas varios de traducción", ("Of coloquial language and oral register – Dubbese, discourse markers and diverse translation problems") seminar on the different problems regarding translation of oral register, calques associated to the Spanish dubbese, intertextuality, and other audiovisual translation issues.
Event organised by the AETI association for the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

June 2013: Development and lecture of the webinar "¿Artificial o idiomático? Dubbese y marcadores del discurso en la traducción audiovisual" ("Artificial or idiomatic? Dubbese and discourse markers in audiovisual translation"), on the problems of oral register and calques associated to the Spanish dubbese, for Trágora Formación.

January 2013 – June 2013: Subtitler at Deluxe Spain.

  • Subtitling/captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) of magazines, reality shows and documentaries for Spanish TV.

  • Interlingual subtitling and adaptation of dubbing scripts into subtitles.

  • Control and quality assurance of subtitles.

October 2009 – October 2012: Subtitler at Red Bee Media Spain (now part of Ericsson).

  • Live subtitling of newscasts, magazines and sport events via respeaking or with scripts; offline subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  • Definition and implementation of protocols for control and quality assurance of subtitles from Red Bee and from other providers, and training in said tasks.

  • Interlingual subtitles for audiovisual products.

  • Teaching of WinCAPS for subtitle management and conversion (20 people).

  • Drafting of guides for subtitling tools.

October 2009: Translation and spotting for 36caracteres.

January 2009 – Present: Sworn translations of academic scripts, official certificates, apostilles and judgments and decrees.

November 2007: Translation of a videogame, its user’s guide and readme file for DL Multimedia.

November 2006 – Present: General translations (letters of complaint, short advertisement texts, descriptions of artistic works, tourist guides) for several clients.

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  • Advanced knowledge of WinCAPS for live subtitling and offline SDH. (Own personal licence of WinCAPS Qu4ntum for offline subtitle preparation).

  • Advanced knowledge of Dragon Naturally Speaking. (Own personal profile in Dragon Professional, v15).

  • Advanced knowledge of Fingertext TN and iNews for news subtitling.

  • Knowledge of Aegisub and Subtitle Workshop.

  • Knowledge of MS Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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2008 – 2009: MA in Audiovisual Translation, Roehampton University London (England).

  • Translation for Dubbing and Voice-over.

  • Interlingual Subtitling.

  • Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  • Audiodescription.

  • Videogame Localisation.

Dissertation on the dubbing of legal dramas.

March 2008: Sworn Translator (Traductor e Intérprete Jurado) English/Spanish by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2003 – 2007: Licenciatura (BA) in Translation and Interpreting (English, French and German), Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) (Madrid).
Final mark: 8.4. Matrícula de Honor (Distinction) in Technical Translation English>Spanish.

2002 – 2003: 2º Bachillerato (≈A Level 2), Saint Michael’s College (King’s Group) (England).

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I am always ready to learn new things.

June 2019: Seminar-workshop Taller de Traducción Audiovisual (On finding reliable sources of information and resources for translation). Lecturers: María José Aguirre de Cárcer, Reyes Bermejo Mozo. APTIC (Barcelona).

March 2019: "La intertextualidad en los medios audiovisuales" (Online two-session course on intertextuality in audiovisual translation). Lecturer: Javier Pérez Alarcón. ATRAE.

December 2018: 3D Day 2018 (Event about audiovisual production and post-production workflows). Organised by SGO. Academia de Cine (Madrid).

November 2018: "Traducción y adaptación de canciones para doblaje y teatro musical" (Online five-session course on the adaption of song lyrics for dubbing and musicals). Lecturers: Ángel Fernández Sebastián, María Ovelar, Iñaki Torre. ATRAE with El doblaje de canciones en España.

October 2018: V International Conference on Audiovisual Translation, CITA 5. Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid). ATRAE.

March 2018: Webinar "The Writers' Room: Let's Talk Pitching". Stage 32.

January 2018: "60 Minutes With Emmy Award Winning Producer Kip Konwiser" (Q&A about production). Stage 32.

September 2017: Webinar "How The Pros Rewrite: Essential Rewriting Tools and Techniques" (on rewriting scripts). Lecturer: Corey Mandell. Stage 32.

June 2017: Round table "El doblaje de canciones en España" (on the adaptation and dubbing of songs in films). Organised by Nicholas Saunders. Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid).

March 2017: Webinar "Get that cinematic look" (on the different steps to make projects that look cinematic, from location to audio to editing). Sony.

May 2016: Webinar "DCP 101 - Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Cinema Packages For Filmmakers". Lecturer: Stephen van Vuuren (from SV2 DCP). Stage 32.

February 2016: Webinar "Ciclo sobre herramientas TAO: OmegaT" (An introduction to the CAT tool OmegaT). Lecturer: José Luis Díez Lerma. Asetrad.

January 2016: "Brand Storytelling: How to Use Narrative to Sell" (Four-week MOOC course by the Design and Art Direction –D&AD– on storytelling and narrative creativity). FutureLearn.

November 2015: "The Business of Film" (Six-week MOOC course by The Open University and Pinewood Studios, on film financing, production and distribution). FutureLearn.

November 2015: "Explore Filmmaking: From Script To Screen" (Six-week MOOC course by the National Film and Television School on cinematography). FutureLearn.

September 2015: Webinar on audio description. Lecturer: Cristóbal Cabeza-Cáceres. ATRAE.

December 2014: Intensive course on the translation of comic-based products "Traducción de cómics: superhéroes de Marvel & DC". Lecturer: Quico Rovira-Beleta. ATRAE.

October 2014: III International Conference on Audiovisual Translation, CITA 3, Universitat Jaume I (Castelló de la Plana). ATRAE.

September–October 2014: Three-week course on adaptation of scripts for lip-sync dubbing "Ajuste y adaptación de la traducción para el doblaje". Lecturers: Quico Rovira-Beleta, Josep Llurba. ATRAE.

July 2014: Intensive webinar on the translation of humor "La traducción del humor y los juegos de palabras". Lecturer: Quico Rovira-Beleta. ATRAE.

July 2014: Webinar on the jargon of medical doctors "La portentosa y abracadabrante jerga de los médicos". Lecturer: Fernando A. Navarro. Tremédica.

May–June 2014: Six-week course on copy-editing of Spanish texts "Corrección y estilo en español" (MOOC course by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Lecturer: Santiago Alcoba Rueda. Coursera.

June 2014: Intensive course on translating fantasy, science fiction and horror fiction "Traducir más allá de los límites de la imaginación". Lecturer: Manuel de los Reyes. Con Trazo Firme.

February 2014: Intensive course on transcreation, "Transcreación: La traducción creativa en publicidad". Lecturer: Lucía Rodríguez Corral. Con Trazo Firme.

February 2014: Intensive webinar on translating sci-fi products, "Traducción de productos de ciencia ficción: Star Wars y Star Trek". Lecturer: Quico Rovira-Beleta. ATRAE.

February 2014: Intensive webinar on website localisation, "Localización web: desde el presupuesto al control de calidad". Lecturer: Eugenia Arrés. Trágora Formación.

February 2014: Webinar on information research, "Internet invisible y traducción: fuentes alternativas de información". Lecturer: Alicia Martorell. APTIC.

April 2013: Intensive course on translating slang, "Bajos fondos y barrios bajos: cómo entender y traducir bien a pandilleros, mafiosos, polis duros y otras especies de la calle". Lecturer: Quico Rovira-Beleta. Con Trazo Firme.

December 2012: Conference "III Encuentro de Traductores e Intérpretes en Málaga" (ETIM12), Educación Digital.

October 2012: Tradif international conference "The Voices of Suspense and their Translation in Thrillers", Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid).

November 2011: Intensive course on Medical Translation. Lecturer: Fernando Navarro. Asetrad.

2005: Chinese (Mandarin) for Business course and intensive Chinese (Mandarin) course, Cámara de Comercio (Madrid).